Machado Creations

I am fortunate enough to have been sponsored by Channel Islands Surfboards since I was 15 years old.  Al Merrick, arguably one of the best shapers in the world, made my boards.  I got to work with him closely, watch him shape and he inspired me.

Now under the umbrella of Channel Islands, they have given me the opportunity to shape my own boards, experiment, try new things and go in different directions.

I call this passion project Machado Creations; making creations for having fun.  The emblem is the branding mark that was used by my great, great grandfather, Agustin Machado, who was one of the first settlers in the Los Angeles area in the 1800s.

All of these boards are for purchase at the Channel Islands website. Proceeds go directly to the Rob Machado Foundation which was created to support environmental programs in Southern California with a focus on helping children understand their contribution towards a healthy earth.